Research and Projects


Current Research: IoT Security

I am interested in different aspects of network security, especially, big data analytics and network traffic characterization. I am currently working with my supervisor(s) at Concordia University to investigate Internet of Things (IoT) security. We aim at addressing the lack of understanding about compromised IoT devices and their malicious activities on the Internet. The work is based on utilizing publicly available IoT device information resources coupled with passive network measurements. You can view our recent publication for further information.

Previous Research: Health Information Sharing on Social Networking Sites

While at UBC, I was focused on usable security and privacy. My research was focused on studying users' perspectives on sharing their health information on Facebook. Through a series of in-depth interviews and online surveys with online social networking site users who also had chronic health conditions, my work highlighted user perceptions and concerns when sharing health information with online peers. We also provided recommendations, which can enhance user experience online and encourage more informed health information sharing in order to increase the associated benefit. You can refer to our SOUPS'16 paper for detailed information.

Previous Research: Modeling Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks

In this project, we tried to model and characterize information diffusion on online social networks by introducing a diffusion parameter. We studied different social network structures and showed that our introduced diffusion parameter can characterize the network topology. We also studied a real life online social network and showed that while most human networks represent small-world topologies, these new online communities have a unique topology that can be described as a small-world with randomness.

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